At “Pottery Kart “, our mission is to redefine the ordinary by creating pottery that transcends utility, becoming an expression of individuality and beauty. We aim to inspire a deep appreciation for the artistry in everyday objects while fostering a connection between people and the timeless allure of handmade craftsmanship.”



“Our vision is to be the cornerstone of artistic expression in pottery, where each creation tells a story and captivates hearts. We aspire to cultivate a community that values the richness of handmade, sustainable goods, contributing to a world where art and function seamlessly coexist.”


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Our Story


At “Pottery Kart”, our story is a journey of passion, clay, and artistic expression. Founded with a love for the tactile beauty of pottery, we embarked on a mission to create more than just products; we wanted to craft experiences.


Our artisans, driven by a shared dedication to traditional craftsmanship, transform raw clay into pieces that transcend functionality. Each creation tells a story — a narrative of skilled hands shaping raw material into vessels that carry the essence of artistry and utility.


Rooted in a commitment to sustainability, we embrace the art of slow crafting, ensuring that every piece is not just an object but a testament to mindful creation. Our journey is marked by the pursuit of merging tradition with contemporary design, creating pottery that seamlessly fits into modern lifestyles.


Join us in celebrating the alchemy of clay, passion, and creativity. Welcome to “Pottery Kart” where every piece is a story waiting to be shared.”


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About Product –


Handmade Natural Clay Water Jar

Pottery kart are provides you, handmade natural clay water jar. It contain of natural clay ingredients with 100%  ecofriendly for human body. Clay minerals are composed essentially of silica, alumina or magnesia or both, and water, but iron substitutes for aluminum and magnesium in varying degrees, and appreciable quantities of potassium, sodium, and calcium are frequently present as well.